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Driving And Yawning Not Good

You can be driving while you are drowsy. And when you are drowsy, your concentration could get quite lessened. You would be yawning and you just feel like you would like to rest.

For some people, they could even be driving while asleep with their eyes open, and thus the phrase falling asleep behind the wheel. This kind of situation could lead to accidents.

Fatigue and drowsiness is considered and counted as one of the major factors in crashes. It goes along with driving with excess speed, driving while on alcohol and drugs, as well as driving while ignoring other vehicles' right of way.

Other major factors of crashes include tailgating, improper passing, improper driving to the left of the center, and reckless driving.

So how do you know when you are drowsy and you have fatigue? One sure sign is that you are yawning a lot. You have trouble keeping your eyes open. Also, you are not able to concentrate much on the road ahead. Sometimes, you do not even remember what happened during the last few seconds or even the last few minutes.

You may find yourself in crashes if you notice that you are jerking your head or your body because you already are in the brink of falling asleep.And the worst part of fatigue and drowsiness is that your car starts to wander off from the road or starts to cross into other lanes.

When you start to feel these signs, it would be best if you started to slow down. Then, make sure that you pull off in a place where there is a safe parking space.

You can call your home if you want to so that other people may come and get you there or if someone is expecting you, inform them that you may be most probably be late or would not be able to make it for that day.

If you have a passenger, try talking to him or her. That should keep you awake. You can also opt to turn on the radio to a station that plays music that would keep you awake.Sing if you can. If you simply cannot just take it, make a pit stop.

Go get a soda or some coffee first before you start out back again.

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