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Choosing Your New SUV

You know you want an SUV, but with dozens of models in all shapes and sizes, choosing one can be a daunting task. The best way to go about the decision process is to make a list of what features your new SUV should have, what type of driving you'll be doing most, and of course, the price range that you plan to be shopping in. Are you more concerned with safety and stature, or is maneuverability and fuel economy more important? Do you really need four-wheel drive? How about cargo space? Is it just you and a friend heading to the hills to do some hiking, or will you be hauling the whole clan, with your boat, down to the lake to spend the day water skiing? The point here is to think about all the different ways you plan to use your SUV, why you want an SUV, and what features you simply can't live without.Read more

Land Rover LR2, Back On The Streets

Just very recently, the Land Rover brand of the Ford Motor Company has revealed to the motoring public and to the rest of the globe that they would soon be sending out the new Land Rover LR2 back on the streets. And yes, this new vehicle would be entering the compact premium sport utility vehicle (SUV) market. Land Rover believes that the LR2 is very much capable of topping that segment with the features and power that it has in store. Read more

From Ford Aerostar to Ford Windstar

As the manufacturer of one of the most popular vehicles out in today's roads and highways, the Ford Motor Company has made certain that they would ensure quality, safe, and reliable vehicles. They have also been acknowledged for their automobiles' designs. The company has ensured that each and every part of their vehicles has been specially designed to guarantee an excellent performance, and at the same time provide comfort for its passengers.
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