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From Ford Aerostar to Ford Windstar

by Chuck Smith

As the manufacturer of one of the most popular vehicles out in today's roads and highways, the Ford Motor Company has made certain that they would ensure quality, safe, and reliable vehicles. They have also been acknowledged for their automobiles' designs. The company has ensured that each and every part of their vehicles has been specially designed to guarantee an excellent performance, and at the same time provide comfort for its passengers.

As part of the long list of creations from the Ford Motor Company, Ford, the brand, has come up with its own unique list of vehicles crafted to make an impact on each person that it has come in contact with. One of these is a minivan that was produced and sold by the company from 1995 to the year 2003 bearing the name Ford Windstar. This was introduced in 1995 as a replacement for the brand's first minivan which was the Aerostar. However, come 2004, this model was replaced by the Freestar. This vehicle was made available with a 3.0 L and a 3.8 L V6 engines.

Originally, this vehicle's project code name was supposed to be WIN88 which stood for "wagon intermediate, North America". Speculations have it that it was this code, WIN88, which had inspired the name Windstar. Later, ensuing redesigns and revamps for this Ford Windstar for the years 1999 and 2001 had then used VN, which then stood for "van, North America", for its code name.

While it was still being made available in the market, the Ford Windstar has undergone two major changes in its crafting and design. Four years after it was introduced, the update was made on its overall shape. It was made to look more modern and sportier. Its grille was also altered to a grid array. Also, the window posts that could be located between the front and side doors were hidden away from view. Come the year 2001, the company rejuvenated the Ford Windstar by changing its grill once again by using a tighter array of smaller rectangles this time around.

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As per the Ford Windstar's drive through history, this minivan was introduced to the market as a replacement for the Ford Aerostar. And come 2003, the Ford Windstar that had replaced the Ford Aerostar had then been replaced, this time by the Ford Freestar. Ford claims and asserts that the Ford Freestar is all new, in essence, this "new" model is an updated Windstar. The name has been changed, however, it is this platform's third generation vehicle.

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