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Honda Shows Off New Acura SUV

by Terry Brown

What's going to be different about the new sport utility vehicle from the Acura brand?

For sure, this new vehicle from Acura would still have been created, manufactured, and produced by the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. And that is no big difference. Sure, it would be a vehicle that would be targeting a specific audience. It also would be easy to maintain with the best Honda auto parts. And yes, it surely would be offering a great package of features and gadgets to pique the interest of the market.

But Honda is sure much prouder with this new vehicle than any other. This is mainly because the new sport utility vehicle which would be bringing with it the Acura nameplate is turbocharged and this is a new one for Acura. If you have around $33,000 to spare, then you can own this SUV. It has got a name and it has been christened the 2007 Acura RDX turbocharged SUV. Take a couple of passengers and you sure could fit inside this vehicle. It actually can take in five people inside its cabin. Oh, it also is an entrant to the crossover segment.

Come August 10th of this year, Honda would be making this vehicle available for the market. You can start purchasing this new one on the mentioned date. And just so you know, the Acura RDX has been built on a platform used by light trucks. The design of this new turbocharged vehicle was a baby of the collaboration of US based Honda engineers as well as those engineers from Japan. They even call this new vehicle as the little brother of the Acura MDX.

What the new Acura RDX has got to offer is a huge set of features. You can find gadgets and gizmos inside the cabin. The list even includes a system with a computer monitor. This system can actually shift the torque of the four wheels of the car making it easier for

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