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Saturn Relay, Not Just another Van

by Joe Ratzkin

The Saturn Relay is another vehicle that is running under the great big umbrella of General Motors, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, and comes from the corporation's Saturn division. This vehicle, the Saturn Relay has been in production since last year, 2005, and is still being produced presently. When this vehicle was introduced, it actually took the spot and the niche which the Oldsmobile Silhouette (also known as the Buick Terraza) left blank. The Saturn Relay is a minivan and has been made available in one body style only which is a van holding four doors.

The Saturn Relay has been built and mounted on the FF/AWD U body platform. Upon its introduction, it has been equipped with a 3.5 liter LX9 V6 engine. It has been said that its major competition in the world of automobiles include the Chevrolet Uplander, and the Pontiac Montana SV6. Also a competition for this minivan is the Buick GL8 despite the fact that the latter is sold only in China.

The present version of the Saturn Relay holds a wheelbase of 121.1 inches, has a length of 205 inches, 72 inches for its width, stands 72.1 inches tall, and holds a curb weight of 4426 pounds. The minivan also gives interested parties the chance to choose the type of material for its interior which could be a choice between cloth and leather. The exterior colors' choices are Forest Green, Black Cherry, Bronzed Pewter, Coastal Gray, Golden Cashmere, Midnight Blue, Polar White, and Silver Pearl. The 2006 Saturn Relay has the capacity to take in seven passengers in its interior. It has also been made available in three trim levels which range from the FWD 2 to the AWD 3.

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About the Author

Joe Ratzkin is an avid fan of anything automotive. This 34-year old bachelor wanted to be a mechanic when he was a kid but changed his mind and became a freelance writer and researcher instead. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

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