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Buy An SUV - Drive Away After An Accident

More and more drivers are choosing a large 4x4 SUV rather than a mainstream saloon or hatchback automobile. There are a variety of reasons for this swing towards vehicles that cost more and also have higher ownership costs. Read more

Choosing Your New SUV

You know you want an SUV, but with dozens of models in all shapes and sizes, choosing one can be a daunting task. The best way to go about the decision process is to make a list of what features your new SUV should have, what type of driving you'll be doing most, and of course, the price range that you plan to be shopping in. Are you more concerned with safety and stature, or is maneuverability and fuel economy more important? Do you really need four-wheel drive? How about cargo space? Is it just you and a friend heading to the hills to do some hiking, or will you be hauling the whole clan, with your boat, down to the lake to spend the day water skiing? The point here is to think about all the different ways you plan to use your SUV, why you want an SUV, and what features you simply can't live without. Read more

SUV vs. Minivan: Which Vehicle Is Right For You?

There are a variety of vehicles on the general market today and each type has its own beneficial attributes which make it a good purchase for certain individuals. There are two types of vehicles in particular which tend to attract some of the same types of individuals and these are SUVs and minivans. Many of the individuals that are looking into the purchase of one of these two types of vehicles are looking for a high-occupancy vehicle and are trying to determine which vehicle is best for their needs. The following paragraphs will highlight attributes of both and perhaps help individuals to better decide which vehicle is right for them. Read more

Choosing a Used BMW SUV

It's no surprise that BMW has been a leading luxury car brand since soon after it's inception in 1917. A latecomer to the SUV market, BMW released its first X5 SUV in the year 2000 followed by the X3 in 2003. Now in 2006, there are a great number of options and features to choose from in a used BMW SUV. With such a broad range of choices, choosing the perfect SUV can seem a bit overwhelming. In this article, we'll take a look at the year to year variations in the X5 and the X3 BMW SUVs. Read more

What Your Minivan Should Have

When it comes to practicality, nothing comes quite close to owning a minivan. A minivan is also known as a multi utility vehicle, or MUV, and also known as a multi purpose vehicle, or MPV. It is just like a van however, it has rear side doors and windows and its interior can actually take in around seven people or more. It also could take in various types of cargo. Thus, the very reason why when it comes to practicality, people often choose minivans. Read more

The Power, Durability and Stamina of the SUV

There are of course many vehicles on the road, but few vehicles have enjoyed the immense popularity of the SUV. When the first SUVs first came onto the market, many people were unsure just what to make of them. They were not quite trucks, and they certainly were not cars. After a couple of short years, however, the SUV had caught on in a big way, and it seemed that everyone, from soccer moms to single guys, were looking to the SUV for power, space and durability. Read more


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