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Buy An SUV - Drive Away After An Accident

by Sebastian Romero

More and more drivers are choosing a large 4x4 SUV rather than a mainstream saloon or hatchback automobile. There are a variety of reasons for this swing towards vehicles that cost more and also have higher ownership costs.

There are many benefits to buying a 4x4 sports utility vehicle.

It gives you more space than a conventional automobile, it is higher, so you have a better and more commanding view of the road.

Any 4x4 jeep is especially useful if want the extra safety that a larger vehicle gives you. The center of gravity is higher and in any collision between an SUV and a family car the SUV will always come out with less damage.

A 4x4 sports utility vehicle is useful if you live anywhere away from a city, at least if you want to survive icy roads and mud in one piece. At least some of these vehicles are designed as workhorses that will thrive on off-road use.

Sports utility vehicle design has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Most vehicles in this class have a modern, luxurious cab. The primitive cabs that used to be associated with older designs have gone.

SUVs come in all sizes. Some are as small inside as any small family car, though they do look bigger outside. Most buyers do not need and would never use any off-road capability so car companies have produced ranges that look like off road vehicles, even though they are not.

Costs have also fallen as manufacturers compete for the attention of buyers.

Environmentally these large-engined vehicles are mush worse than the conventional automobile alternative. They are also more demanding to drive, being less forgiving on corners, partly due to their high center of gravity.

The main reason that more and more drivers are choosing a sports utility vehicle is for the extra protection offered to their occupants in an accident. If you drive an ordinary automobile and are hit by an SUV, your car will probably be a write-off, while the SUV can often drive away.

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About the Author

Sebastian Romero works in the security industry, and drives 30,000 miles a year. Find more info here. More info at SUVs or new car prices.

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