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The Power, Durability and Stamina of the SUV

 by Mike Freemen

There are of course many vehicles on the road, but few vehicles have enjoyed the immense popularity of the SUV. When the first SUVs first came onto the market, many people were unsure just what to make of them. They were not quite trucks, and they certainly were not cars. After a couple of short years, however, the SUV had caught on in a big way, and it seemed that everyone, from soccer moms to single guys, were looking to the SUV for power, space and durability.

The SUV continues to be one of the most popular classes of vehicle on the market, and the new hybrid SUV models mean that SUV drivers can now be environmentally conscious and fashionable at the same time. Some of the new hybrid SUV models get very good gas mileage, and as the technology improves more models of high mileage SUV are likely to come to market.

Even for older SUV models careful driving can help owners to achieve better mileage and better performance out of their vehicles. Of course the reason many SUV owners love their vehicles so much is that they are so great at hauling all those things that always seem to be hauled. Whether you are picking up new furniture or just hauling the kids around, an SUV is a great way to get it all done. It is no wonder that the SUV has been seen by many as the logical follow up to the minivan. The SUV in fact does many of the same things that the old minivan did, and it has become the vehicle of choice for many parents due to its safety and versatility.

The SUV can also be a great replacement for the old fashioned pickup truck. There are many times that a pickup truck comes in handy, but may people do not like the ride of a pickup truck and it is often unsuitable for use as an everyday vehicle. For many an SUV represents a good compromise between the utilitarian style of the pickup truck and the drivability and durability of the car.

Those drivers who are considering the purchase of a new or used SUV should be sure to shop around carefully, and to choose the model that provides the best possible combination of safety, security, style and gas mileage. If you shop around it is possible to find a vehicle with this seemingly impossible combination. The secret is to shop around and know what you are looking for in a vehicle.

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