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SUV vs. Minivan: Which Vehicle Is Right For You?

by Steven Anderson

There are a variety of vehicles on the general market today and each type has its own beneficial attributes which make it a good purchase for certain individuals. There are two types of vehicles in particular which tend to attract some of the same types of individuals and these are SUVs and minivans. Many of the individuals that are looking into the purchase of one of these two types of vehicles are looking for a high-occupancy vehicle and are trying to determine which vehicle is best for their needs. The following paragraphs will highlight attributes of both and perhaps help individuals to better decide which vehicle is right for them.

Seating Capacity
When individuals are in the market for a high-occupancy vehicle, they look to both the SUV and minivan as potential choices. Because both of these are larger in size with regard to occupancy standards than their normal car counterparts, the size factor attracts individuals to vehicles of these types. Therefore, size is a beneficial aspect of both the SUV and minivan although the overall size and seating capacity varies among makes and models.

The term family-oriented has often been associated with the minivan in the past. Recently, this term has also been used when discussing SUVs as they can seat more individuals than regular automobiles just as the minivan can. However, if one is looking to purchase a family vehicle that can fit into other categories besides the family-oriented one, then perhaps looking into the purchase of an SUV is a good idea. Although if one wishes to purchase a minivan due to the fact that it is family oriented, then a minivan might be better suited to that type of individual.

Fuel Issues
Another factor individuals should consider when they are looking into the purchase of either an SUV or a minivan is with regard to fuel mileage. Fuel issues are high on everyone's list these days due to the high prices of gas that have been evident lately. For those individuals who view fuel issues as a serious concern, purchasing a minivan may be the best bet. It can be stated that in the contest between SUVs and minivans with regard to fuel mileage, the minivan will win. If individuals wish to get the best fuel mileage out of their vehicle, a minivan is the better choice of the two vehicles.

Safety issues are extremely important ones with regard to automobile operation. Safety on the road is something which all individuals should consider when purchasing a vehicle. The one safety issue that has been linked with SUVs relates to the incidence of rollover accidents. Since SUVs tend to be higher than most of the other types of vehicles, they tend to be more likely than those other vehicles to roll over when taking sharp turns, changing lanes erratically, etc. On the other hand, minivans tend to have less of an incidence of rollover accidents than SUVs.

As for safety with regard to size, SUVs may lead the pack on being safer in that regard. Because they tend to be larger in size than minivans, their impending structure may be able to handle more in an accident than minivans. It is important to note however that safety standards and statistics vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Storage Capacity
SUVs and minivans are also purchased largely at times due to their storage capabilities. Both of these vehicles have large rear components where large objects and a great deal of small items can be placed for the road trip. It is hard to state which vehicle has the best storage capacity as this attribute varies amongst the different types of SUVs and minivans. Therefore, if one is looking to obtain a vehicle for storage capabilities, they really cannot go wrong with either the SUV or minivan.

Environmental Issues
Environmental issues are widely discussed and quite concerning these days. Some individuals look to issues of this nature when contemplating the purchase of a vehicle. If one is looking for the best vehicle with regard to being environmentally friendly, then the minivan may be the better choice in some instances. Since the minivan uses less fuel than most SUVs, it emits less harmful gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, it can be stated that minivans may be more environmentally sound than many of their SUV competitors.

When looking for a larger vehicle with a high seating capacity, one really cannot go wrong with either the SUV or minivan. What the decision really comes down to is personal preference and identifying specific qualities that one looks for in a vehicle. By contemplating the previously mentioned factors, one may be better able to narrow down their choices and be able to decide whether they want to purchase an SUV or a minivan.

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Steven Anderson is the reservations director for Hawaiian Discount Car Rentals. We specialize in rental cars and Maui, Hawaii jeep rentals.

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