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Hot Mercedes SL Roadster

2007 definitely brings significant improvements in the two-seat roadsters of Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, both in the exterior and interior design, as well as the engine. All SL-Class models have been provided with larger and more powerful engines, seven speed automatic and a welcome reducement of the noise vibration level. The retractable hard-top, adapted from its predecessors, can be raised or lowered, transforming the car from roadster to coupe and back in just 16 seconds, through an advanced hydraulic system. True to its half a century commitment to offering fast, light and gorgeous cars, the top German producer has outdone itself once again, this time by introducing higher standards of stability and safety.

Make no mistake about it, the 2007 Mercedes SL-Class is much more than just another piece of jewelry on wheels. The 5.5 liter V-8 engine with 382 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 391 pounds-feet torque ensures not only amazing cruising speeds, but also an astonishing resistance to long distances.

The same engine ensures an acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in a dazzling 5.3 seconds. A four wheel independent suspension together with the hydraulic system and the 18-inch tires, ensure a quality drive on different kinds of surfaces, eliminating body roll and maintaining stability even during bumpy rides. The standard safety features are truly state-of-the art, including all-disc anti lock brakes, front and side airbags, a knee airbag on the driver's side, head restraints and an electronic stability system. Another plus is the extra space in the trunk, even when the top is folded, a rather rare feature as far as convertibles are concerned. The seven-speed automatic transmission accounts for a lower fuel consumption and less noise, through the quick upshifts, although this can sometimes result in a temporary decrease of power from the engine.

The inside of the car is covered in soft leather, including the seats, doors, steering wheel, and dashboard, and although the main control panel is operated through buttons placed next to the screen, instead of a touch-screen system, which makes it slightly harder to operate. This amazing car has, however, a few drawbacks, the most important of which being the relatively high degree of difficulty when it comes to operating control panels for air conditioning and the audio system. Also, the brake pedal often responds in a non-linear manner, creating a slight state of anxiety for the less accustomed driver. The costs (both of purchase and of maintenance) remain quite high, making it available to only a lucky few drivers. Optional features include front and rear parking sensors, a glass roof, adaptive cruise control and the wood trim package for an extra touch of class.

All features considered, the new models of Mercedes SL-Class remain a top choice for drivers on a high budget and great taste, looking for a fast, powerful and beautiful car as well as a fashion statement.

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