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Mazda Born to Be Wild

Zoom, zoom, zoom. Do you remember the old Mazda RX-7 or the ever popular autocross champion Mazda Miata? Mazda cars have always focused on exhilarating performance, as it is in fact the hallmark of their brand. Mazda was actually the first to put the performance benefits of Wankel's rotary engine to work in consumer production vehicles; now today the Renesis rotary engine which is found in the amazing new Mazda RX-8 has the title of International engine of the year.

With all of these choices, which is the best choice for you? Well to clearly identify that you need to take a trip down to your local Mazda shop and test drive a few, stop by Mazda parts and service to look over your choice of accessories, as once you have a Mazda you will have to make it your very own. There are so many ways to dress up and make your Mazda stand out in the crowd; it would truly be a shame not to take advantage of them. Whether you are in Mazda USA, Mazda Canada, or Mazda Japan, you will find a high quality well performing vehicle for your needs. Unfortunately for you United States and Canada folks, you will have to take a backseat on the Mazda Bongo, which will be primarily sold in Japan.

We're talking kitchen units, fold out beds, and elevated roof for heightened adult comfort. Great comfort, decent economy, and a look that will bring you back to the days of tie dye and flowers in your hair, that is what is know as the Mazda Bongo. Mazda is not all performance cars and hippy vans of course; in fact there is quite a line of classy family coupes and sedans that would great in just about anyone's driveway.

The Mazda Protege, also known as the Mazda 323 has been around since 1976 when it was first introduced as a rear wheel drive economy based compact. Built to last the Mazda Protege is not as of yet extinct, but has been promoted as the all new Mazda 3. The all new Mazda 3 has a much roomier feel these days, and the engine choices will have you humming the entire way to work. They are all around great cars for everyone from your father to your teenager. The Mazda 3 is a definite winner.

But if three is this good; you just have to wonder what the six could be. The Mazda 626 came in around the same time as the 323, and was considered to be a moderately upscale compact with more flair and comfort than the 323. Just a few years later the Mazda 626 would be called Motor Trends import car of the year, and Mazda was definitely looking like they were going to be around for awhile.

Now if a sport coupe was more to your liking then all you had to do was remove the last two numbers, and the Mazda 6 was the car for you. The Mazda 6 was a rather nice performer compared to the previous 626, and could be woken up even more with its optional 2.2 liter turbo engine. Sold to the consumer at various trim levels the Mazda 6 definitely had a sporty feel; with a leather interior, 3-way adjustable suspension, ABS brakes, and electric sunroof the Mazda 6 was albeit not as sporty as the Mazda RX-7, but was definitely the next best thing. Now if ripping the streets is not your thing and an occasional romp through the trails is more your speed, then the Mazda tribute, which is actually based on the Mazda 626 platform, should be your weapon of choice. The Mazda Tribute is a small crossover SUV, designed for the city folk with a country heart.

With a four or six cylinder engine and firmer ride, the Tribute makes a great all around family transporter. But once again, Mazda did not quit here. Today's buyer now has the option of the all new Mazda CX-7, which is considered to be "the SUV you never saw coming". Sleek, Muscular, and performance car handling brings the CX-7 into the next millennium singing "Zoom, zoom, zoom" all the way to the grocery store!.

Kevin Dark is an avid car fan. Find out more about his new informational website My Mazda.


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