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Some Of The Most Popular Radar Detection Devices To Help You Avoid A Speeding Ticket

Though many of us would love to move at supersonic speed, evading those who desire to slow us down, we can't. But we speed demons and electronic enthusiasts alike can enjoy evading the radar gun with popular detectors from Whistler, Escort, Cobra, BEL, and Valentine. With over 12 models, including one for European models, Whistler is a viable option for a great detector. The under $100 DE 1734 features mute, manual mute, and settings memory.

With four operating modes, two which effectively limit urban false alarms, this model has excellent audio and laser sensitivity. Though not a leader in its class, Whistler definitely meets up to its low cost expectation. It has fallen short in a couple of realms, however: like many models, inVG 2 detection. The DE 1734 will detect VG 2, the fuzz will have detected this buster far beyond the Whistler's detection capabilities. The popular Cobra detectors utilize a high sensitivity feature while in the "highway" mode. Though Cobra claims to produce few false alarms, engaging this feature takes time, and even then, it does not always work.

This product clearly has imperfections, for example immunity from VG 2 systems have failed with the Cobra XRS 9300. The newer styles feature 11or 10 band extra sensory radar and laser detection, a 360 degree view, and 8 point electronic compass. Cobra also claims that it can detect X band radars, K band radars, and Ka Super wide radars. The newer models promise better features with relative proximity to the radar along with the option to select operating modes, thus reducing false alarms in densely populated areas. Passport's most popular model, the 8500 X50, detects K band and Ka band radars and comes with a myriad of features: a 360 degree radar and laser detection radius, advanced reprogrammable digital signal processing, an Auto Sensitivity mode to automatically reduce false alarms, three high resolution meter modes, an ultra bright matrix display with 280 LEDs, multiple high performance laser sensors, and a built in earphone jack. Immune to VG 2 systems, this Escort has nine menu options, offering adjustability and excellent signal processing.

Another under $100 model, the BEL 925 offers one of the best price/performance ratios of all detectors. Owners can adjust volume easily thanks to BEL's radio sensitivity. With a variety of settings for driving environments, users can program this model easier than earlier BEL models by using the seven user selectable options. By pressing a pair of buttons simultaneously, the user can enter the program mode quickly, and then utilize one button to scroll through menu items. Popular among detector veterans, Valentine has fallen among disrepute for rookies for a few reasons.

Many have difficulty discerning the difference between the signals for K and Ka bands. Additionally, the Valentine lacks text display, voice alert, and a tutorial mode. Users also report a high number of false alarms and many become confused by the outdated user guide.

So why get a Valentine? It still has two to three times the detection range of other brands.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Discount Radar Detectors at http://www.radarlaserdetectorsonline.com


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