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West Virginians Horrible Drivers Around Trucks

Last year when I drove through West Virginia and spent some time in the mountains traveling around to the smaller cities and meeting the very nice folks I noticed something about West Virginia that I had not noticed in many other cities and that is West Virginians are horrible drivers when they are around trucks.On average they make very bad decisions and you would assume that people in West Virginia who are used to dealing with heavy industries and have quite a few trucks in their state driving through and also delivering to those industries would be smarter and more careful on the small two-lane highways that meander through the state when driving around trucks.What many drivers may not know and this really goes for any state is that trucks may weigh between 40,000 and 100,000 pounds and when you are in a big truck like that you cannot stop as fast as a car.

I imagine that if West Virginians are horrible drivers around trucks they are even worse when it comes to railroad crossings.Many states, which had problems with drivers around trucks have instituted truck safety public relations projects.West Virginia needs a better program to prevent truck accidents involving cars, which either will not get out of the way or do very stupid things and end up causing an accident, which kills them.If we want to save lives on the West Virginia highway we really need to institute a better truck safety program. Personally, I drive a very large motor home that looks like a truck and I was blown away by the stupid things people would do in West Virginia, if they do those things all the time then they are lucky to be a live.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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