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What Consumer Reports Says About The Toyota FJ Cruiser

by Pat Stevens

If you are looking to buy yourself a new SUV and you have both a budget as well as high expectations, then perhaps the new Toyota FJ Cruiser is for you. Financing can be safe as well as honest, http://consumerreports.com shows what the new Toyota SUV for 2007 has that makes up for every penny spent.

Looking for the very best is your right as a consumer. What better place to find the best but from those who know the strong and weak points of every SUV on the market? Online dealers can help you target your car or truck, and if the Toyota FJ Cruiser for 2007 is in your heart, right now is the best time to consult those who know best and arrange an affordable deal that is honest and safe.

As large Land Rovers go, the Toyota series has definitely shown itself to be number one in recent years between 1998 and 2005. If you have a steady flow of income and know how to budget your spending, even a new SUV can be yours. All you need is to see what consumers have to say and you will know that your spending will be wise.

Retail prices on the new Toyota SUV for 2007 range from as low as $21,710 to as much as $23,300. Dealer prices are usually from as low as $19,756 to as much as $21,203. But as long as you know how to control what you spend, there is no reason why you can't get financing on the FJ Cruiser. Remember, both retail and showroom dealer prices are always looking to get the most out of their sales because they expect clients to haggle.

What the FJ Cruiser is really worth and what retailers say it is worth are two different things, so don't let high prices destroy your dream. That is, there is a serious difference between how much a given product costs to build and how much the salesperson and showroom needs to make for their effort; the end price seems to be far above what is reasonable, much less what is honest.

Honest financing means giving both the salesperson their share as well as paying the factory cost for production. Factories need to take into consideration all their staff, their equipment and resource materials. But that doesn't mean you need to pay through the nose for a decent product. The FJ Cruiser is available to everyone with a decent form of income. In fact, even trade-in deals can make the financing easier, especially when you're looking to purchase a new car.

The power and the confidence of the masses are yours when you buy the new Toyota FJ Cruiser for 2007. It is currently the best-rated model of large SUVs on the market according to Consumer Reports of 2005.

In 2005, the largest CR survey of its kind brought together more than 1,000,000 vehicles owned and piloted by magazine subscribers and internet readers in the SUV category, none stood up to Toyota Land Cruisers in their category (Large scale SUV).

Since the 1950's, the name brand for Toyota has brought the world with a decent, rugged and snazzy Land Rover that was made for Urban/Rural performances unlike any other. Statistically, no one else makes a large SUV better than Toyota. Not Europe, not America and no other company in Japan makes them better.

One given prediction for 2006 and 2007 is that of all the large SUVs, the Infiniti QX56 is likely to have eight times as many problems as the Toyota Land Cruiser. The name Toyota is not just an accepted brand name by Americans and global consumers alike; it actually is a reliable company according to the statistics and consumer input.

But what is a Predicted Reliability Rating for new cars? How is it possible to make a prediction about a car that has not even been tested by the consumer yet? How can anyone tell the 'future' reliability of an SUV that still needs to be tried out?

Buying a new car is always going to be a risk, just like anything that has not yet happened; there is always the given element of risk. But by looking into the past, some things can be determined about the future, and warranty/guarantee is always available to protect the consumer.

In fact, if you find that the warranty is less than acceptable, you can be sure the factory owners already know how low of a quality product they are really trying to push off. High quality vehicles come with long lasting warranties and a guarantee that they won't have to pay a thing for the car they put together.

The factory that trusts in itself is the one that is going to outlast the competition and provide a long-term profit margin that keeps stockholders happy for decades to come, as well as keeping consumers safe; on or off the road.

Who knows these things? The specialist? No. The average consumer who is out there in the day-to-day world just using the stuff is the one who really knows if something works well or not. When a survey is done with the average consumer, in larger numbers, they end up telling the future some 89.9 percent of the time accurately while the single specialist is only accurate 75 percent of the time, that statistic tends to end discussions in a very different way. Consumer Reports are just "more on the money" than experts are, and for good reason.

By taking the historical track record of a given product and name brand into account, Consumer Reports are able to predict most accurately what is reliable and what isn't, so who scored for the highest points in the category of Large SUV's? Toyota's Land Rover series did, then what is the best SUV for 2007? Well, Toyota's new model, FJ Cruiser of course. Consumer Reports makes it reliable to accept the statistics from those who have first-hand experience.

Based on the 4Runner, the style of the FJ Cruiser is traditional. Seating five, there are two main doors and two rear hinged access doors. The pillar is gone and the swing-out cargo door is detailed with two separate opening glass windows, mounts and spare tire. Rear wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, including low range gearing that should be restricted to off road mud and slipping slides (a special advantage for this model).

The powerful V6 engine delves out 239 hp and is a five speed automatic transmission, all standard for Toyota series. For mud, snow, ice and any slipping surface, the FJ Cruiser has outdone its brethren and still comes complete with all the security of curtain side bars, side airbags and front airbags to make sure that your fun remains a safe and healthy one behind the wheel as well as that fun of your passengers.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser for 2007 is from a long line of trustworthy large, mid and small size SUV's, it just so happens that for Large SUV's until 2005, Toyota has made them world class, outstanding and king of the mountain out on the market. Buying one new is the same as buying the trust of an old one with the looks of today's fashion.

Look good and be safe in a Toyota FJ Cruiser, your satisfaction is statistically guaranteed by Consumer Reports, and those who have dealt with Toyota in the past are willing to bet on Toyota in the future.

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